Millions of potential listeners. Almost fifty community stations around Florida. Hundreds of songs played every day. The top Bible teachers in the country. Hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to broadcast every day. Some pretty impressive statistics but for ReachFM, it all comes down to the one- You.

Every day, we desire to encourage you to reach up to God in worship and out to our community in service. It’s the song that you heard at just the right time to remind you of God’s love. It’s the community outreach where you got to meet other believers and you found a church family. It’s the challenging words of a sermon that is exactly the wisdom you needed. Every minute of every day, God is telling His story in and through your life.


For Angel, it was a Bible verse.

After the loss of her father, Angel felt like God was far away and it was difficult to hear His voice. She tuned in to Reach FM and heard a verse that broke down the barriers she had put up. For Angel, Reach FM restored her relationship with her heavenly father.

For Scott, it was music his whole team could enjoy

Because of the high quality of the music and the truths found in the lyrics, Scott had a number of great conversations with his athletes in the van on the way to games. Scott was glad to find a station everyone could agree on. Reach FM provides Scott with a way to impact the next generation.


For Bill, ReachFM helped prevent a tragic mistake

Bill thought that God couldn’t forgive and he couldn’t forgive himself. Then he tuned in to Reach FM. He heard for the first time about the all-encompassing love of God and that He could and would forgive him for his past. Bill called Reach FM and prayed to surrender his life to Christ. He says that God used Reach FM to save his life.


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