Below are the Material Terms and Rules for the MOM DESERVES THE STELLAR TREATMENT, PRESENTED BY STELLAR HOMES GROUP, Mother’s Day contest on ReachFM.

1. The Contest – All the required fields on the form on’s contest/giveaway page must be completed. Contestants in the running for the prize cannot nominate themselves and must be nominated by a non-contestant. The non-contestant nominating a contestant (mom), must share in 100 words or less why the contestant (mom) should be chosen as a winner of 1 of the 5 giveaways. Anything shared with more than 100 words will result in immediate disqualification. Out of all the completed nomination entries, one winner will be randomly selected to win the prize and announced between Monday May 4-Friday May 8, 2015.

2. Participation Window – The Participation Window for this contest starts on Monday April 27 at 1am and runs through Sunday May 3 at 11:59pm.

3. Prize – 14K white gold diamond pendant with 18” white gold chain, from PJ Rossi Jewelers.

4. The Contestant – Must be 18 years of age or older and release their full details once chosen as a winner. All other ReachFM General Contest Rules concerning the contestant and contest apply. If winner is deemed ineligible or unable to accept the prize, it will be given to the next chosen contestant (mom).

5. Contest Winner(s) Requirements – All Contest Winner(s) consent to REACH FM usage of their name, image, audio material and/or submission, and/or likeness for promotional purposes without further requests for permission of use, or compensation of any kind. Each Contest Winner(s) may be required to sign a general release waiver. Contest Winner(s) may not request substitution or other consideration from the originally awarded Prize. The Contestant acknowledges by entry into this Contest that all material submitted are free of all copyright restrictions whatsoever. All materials, including but not limited to audio material whether recorded or live, that are delivered to Reach FM become the property of Reach FM and may be used ‘on the air’, or for other promotional purposes solely at the discretion of Reach FM without any further notice or approval to any other parties. By entering the Contest, the Contestant(s) have consented to allow Reach FM to rebroadcast any and all material contained but not limited to in this agreement. Reach FM will not return any materials to the Contestant(s) of this Contest.

6. Delivery of the Prize – It is the responsibility of the Contest Winner(s) to claim their Prize at the location stated within these Material Terms and Rules. Unless otherwise stated, Prize shall be available to be claimed at PJ Rossi Jewelers located at 217 Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308. Prizes not claimed within 30 days shall be forfeited by the Contest Winner(s) and become the property of Reach FM. Contest Winner(s) who live outside a 30-mile radius may request to have their Prize mailed to them via the United States Post Office or other such parties. Contest Winner(s) shall be responsible for delivery costs incurred with delivery of the Prize. Reach FM at its sole discretion, may waive such delivery costs on a case by case basis. Reach FM shall not be responsible for such events as but not limited to, any delays, damage in the receipt of delivery of any prizes; and / or loss of the prizes. All prizes shall be rewarded to Contest Winner(s) within the domestic United States. In the event that a prize cannot be delivered to Contest Winner(s) then that prize shall be forfeited by the Contest Winner(s) and shall become the property of ReachFM.

7. Disclaimer – Reach FM shall not be responsible for technical issues or problems that may occur which either decrease or increase the chances of winning or participating in the Contest. Due to Internet delays and other technical issues, what you hear on Reach FM, or Reach FM online ( may be delayed or not functional or mal-functioning during certain times. These events may cause you difficulty in participating in this Contest. Additionally, Reach FM online listening delays may vary depending upon your Internet connection. Reach FM reserves the right to revoke prizes if the Contest Winner(s) (does / have) not meet any or all eligibility requirements, even though an announcement may have been made indicating that a contestant was a winner. Reach FM may, due to the unavailability of the Prize, award or substitute other prize(s) for the Prize. All local, state and federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the Contest Winner(s). If Reach FM, over the course of the calendar year, believes that the total taxable value of prizes won by a contestant is equal to or greater than $600 then Reach FM shall issue an Internal Revenue Service form 1099 MISC to the Contest Winner. Contest Winner shall be responsible for reporting all prizes values to the appropriate authorities. Reach FM shall not be responsible, or held liable for any prizes awarded in connection with a contest or event that is subject to, but not limited to, cancellation, postponement or delay. Reach FM shall not be liable for any claim resulting from but not limited to injury or damage from this Reach FM Contest, any other Reach FM contests or prizes awarded in a contest sponsored by Reach FM. Multiple entries by the same person will be discarded and will disqualify the Contestant from participating in this Contest. With regards to any disputes of this Contest, the decision of Reach FM will be final. Reach FM reserves the right to terminate this Contest at any time without notice and may choose to award or not to award the Prize or prizes. Employees of Reach FM, agents and their immediate family members along with Reach FM’s underwriters, and / or representatives are ineligible to enter this Contest. These Material Terms and Rules and the General Contest Rules are subject to change without notice. In the event of a discrepancy between these Material Terms and Rules, the General Contest Rules and other documented Reach FM sources, these Material Terms and Rules shall apply. The Contestant consents and agrees to the adherence of these Material Terms and Rules and the General Contest Rules.

Compliance Statement

The above contest and the posting of Material Terms is Reach FM good faith effort to comply with the statutory provision regarding contests as set forth at Section 508 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the “Act”) (47 U.S.C. §509). Section 508(a) of the Act (47 U.S.C. §509(a)) and with the Commission’s (FCC) requirements governing the broadcast of licensee-conducted contests set forth in the Commission’s rules. These rule requires that a licensee that broadcasts or advertises information about a contest that it conducts shall fully and accurately disclose the material terms of the contest, and shall conduct the contest substantially as announced or advertised. No contest description shall be false, misleading or deceptive with respect to any material term.